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Yalda night nuts are one of the inseparable members of our Iranian Yalda table. Nuts are used in various ceremonies such as Yalda Night, Nowruz Eid, Syrian Wednesday, etc. pistachio wholesale the composition of nuts is different for each one. For example, Yalda night nuts and Syrian Wednesday are known as winter nuts and include items with a sweet background taste. In this article, we are talking about Yalda night nuts.

Yalda night

Yalda night, which is another name for that night, is one of the oldest ceremonies of Iranians, which has been passed down from generation to generation. In fact, Yalda is called from the sunset of the last day of autumn to the sunrise of the first day of winter. The night that is called the longest night of the year. After that, the first 40 days of winter are known as big chela and the next 20 days are known as small chela. The word Yalda means birth. It means the birth of the sun after the longest darkness.

Yalda night ritual

On the night of Yalda or the night of challah, usually all the family members go to the big house of the family, which is usually the house of the grandparents, and after preparing and eating dinner, they have a detailed conversation. They amuse themselves by eating Yalda Shab nuts, pomegranates and watermelons to stay awake until dawn. They light a fire and circle around it so that the sadness of the absence of the sun and the coldness and darkness of the night do not weaken their spirits. After observing the dawn and light, they go to bed and rest.

In the tradition of an old tradition, it is said that on the first day of winter, Iranian kings would leave their thrones and move to the desert wearing white clothes, where they would sit on a white carpet. On that day, all the slaves, palace guards and servants were free, and all the people of the city, whether they were poor or rich, whether they were leaders or subordinates, all lived the same.

Each of the snacks and foods of the Yalda dinner table has a symbolic aspect and expresses a theme. For example, pomegranates and Yalda night nuts, which have many seeds, are a symbol of blessing and abundance, or red pomegranates and watermelons symbolize the light of the sun at night.

All kinds of nuts are consumed on Yalda night.

Yalda night nuts, sweets and fruits are all signs of health, blessing and happiness. Among the other customs and rituals of this long night, we can refer to taking a fortune from Hafez and telling the future based on whether a walnut is full or hollow after breaking it.

Everything about Yalda night nuts

As it was said, Yalda night nuts, which is one of the winter nuts and for that reason it is also known as winter nuts, contains several raw nuts and sweet dried fruits such as dried berries, apricot leaves, dried figs, raisins and raisins. Another one of the most popular and famous sweet nuts, which of course goes back to Yalda Shab nuts, is problem nuts.

In the old days, the nuts of Yalda night included raisins, almonds, hazelnuts, dried figs, apricot leaves, pistachios, dried berries, peach leaves, and dates.

The celebration of Yalda night is celebrated in the same way in all the cities and villages of Iran with some differences. Another custom on this night is that the grooms, along with their family and relatives, go to their new bride's house and bring her khonchehs decorated with pomegranates, watermelons, nuts, etc.

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As you know, walnuts are first picked fresh and after being separated from the initial green skin, they are left to absorb the moisture. pistachio wholesale Dry walnuts are usually the most popular because they are much easier to maintain than fresh walnuts. Fresh walnuts should be eaten early and are usually a great supplement for breakfast. Of course, many people think that walnuts are more delicious than dry walnuts.

The properties of fresh wet walnuts are not separate from the properties of dried walnuts, and the only difference between these types of walnuts is the amount of moisture that is present in fresh wet walnuts, which makes its taste more delicious. Of course, it is said that one of the properties of fresh walnuts is that they are more fatty.

It is natural that these delicious nuts may lose some of their basic properties as a result of being dried and sometimes roasted, but this issue will not affect the whole story, which is the unique properties of walnuts; So we conclude that everything fresh and young is more useful, tastier and healthier, but walnuts will be a delicious and nutritious seed full of properties for our body in any situation.

Properties of walnuts with honey

One of the most popular combinations of walnuts is combining them with honey. The combination of walnut and honey creates new properties and has its own special benefits for the body. The properties of walnut with honey are so many that in addition to its heavenly taste, it is also considered a miraculous medicine for the body.

One of the properties of walnuts with honey is treating anemia. By eating this combination, you can control your anemia to a great extent. Honey alone increases testosterone and estrogen in the body of men and women, and this causes their libido to rise significantly.

The warm combination of walnut with honey will be very useful to strengthen sexual power in men and women. This combination keeps the body's energy level very high, increases blood circulation, and this makes the person's energy not fall during the relationship.

Treating stomach ulcers, getting rid of body inflammation, supplying vitamins needed by the body, strengthening the nerves, treating coldness of the kidneys, lowering blood pressure and controlling it, are among the other properties of walnuts with honey. In addition, the combination of walnuts, honey and bread is considered one of the most miraculous breakfasts and snacks for pregnant women and children. This combination will be an excellent food for daily consumption by creating long-term satiety while providing the vitamins needed by the body.

Pecan properties

Pecan is a type of American walnut that has countless properties. The natural antioxidants in pecan maintain the health of the body and prevent various diseases.


The properties of pecans include weight control and low cholesterol. One of the biggest producers of pecans is America. Pian walnut is rich in fiber, B vitamins, vitamin A, and E, calcium, potassium, folic acid, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium, protein, carbohydrates, etc. This walnut has many fans all over the world.

American walnut properties

One of the most important properties of American walnut is its high fiber content, which is very beneficial for skin and hair health. Also, the zinc present in this walnut model prevents skin diseases and keeps the skin healthy.

The minerals present in the American walnut improve blood circulation in the body, which strengthens the hair follicles and makes you have healthy, shiny and thick hair.

Manganese and copper in American walnut are among its other properties. These minerals help the body's metabolism increase significantly and weight loss occurs as a result. Also, the fiber in American walnuts makes you feel full for a long time and this leads to weight loss.

The presence of healthy fats and antioxidants in American walnuts reduces oxidative stress that eventually leads to cancer or heart attacks in the body and calms the nerves.

Antioxidants in American walnut help control high blood pressure and prevent heart attacks.

Among other properties of American walnuts, it is possible to mention the prevention of osteoporosis, because the presence of manganese, copper and zinc in this food will help strengthen bones a lot.

Mood swings and muscle cramps are very severe symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and eating walnuts will prevent these complications.

Due to the presence of high fiber, American walnuts cause detoxification and cleansing of the digestive system and also help the bowels to move properly and ultimately prevent the occurrence of diseases such as constipation, hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), colitis and colon cancer.

Finally, it should be said that you should be careful to use this food item as much as needed and limited throughout the day. A large amount of walnut consumption causes problems in the body that are naturally annoying. People with liver and stomach problems should minimize the consumption of walnuts. Also, people who have different allergies, walnuts aggravate their allergies 100%, and for this reason, they should be careful when using it. Thank you for your cooperation in reading this article about the properties of walnuts!

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Hazelnuts are one of the energizing foods that are included in the category of nuts. These nuts are rich in many minerals and nutrients, each of which plays a unique role. pistachio wholesale This food can be used to treat many diseases. Here, we are going to talk about hazelnuts and colds, and we will also explain how to use hazelnuts.

The connection between hazelnuts and colds

Hazelnuts and colds are one of the headlines that appear today, this type of food can be used to treat colds. Vitamin E, sodium, magnesium, vitamin C and... They are minerals needed to treat colds. Hazelnut is rich in mentioned minerals, as a result, this substance can be used to treat colds and its symptoms such as headache, body pain, cough, etc. used.

Related article: What do you know about the properties of hazelnuts?

How to use hazelnuts to treat colds:

Hazelnuts can be used in different ways to treat colds. for example :

Hazelnut and milk

One of the methods of using hazelnuts to treat colds is combining hazelnuts with milk. To prepare this mixture, first peel the hazelnuts and then grind them. Dissolve some ground hazelnuts in a glass of lukewarm milk and then use.

Hazelnuts and figs

Another combination that helps treat colds is hazelnuts and figs. Figs are a kind of laxative and also a chest balm, so this substance can be used to treat cough. First, soak the figs for a few hours, then put them in a blender with peeled hazelnuts and some warm water and mix well. Eat the resulting mixture.

To treat a cold, you can eat hazelnut alone or with other foods such as milk, figs, etc. It was combined and then used. Note that hazelnuts can be used to prepare harira. In other words, to prepare this type of harira, you only need to use ground hazelnuts. In this article, we discussed the relationship between hazelnuts and colds. We hope you enjoyed this article.

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Dates are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that have countless properties. One of the most important properties of date fruit for the body is to be useful for stomach health. pistachio wholesale Because this fruit is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. Among the properties of dates for the stomach are:

In fact, the consumption of dates and date juice is recommended for people who have stomach ulcers and digestive ulcers.

Dates are rich in magnesium. Magnesium prevents all kinds of inflammations, so its consumption helps to relieve gastritis.

The antioxidant properties of dates prevent the occurrence of stomach ulcers; it also reduces the incidence of colon and stomach cancer.

Consuming dates prevents the stomach from becoming sour.

Dates are rich in fiber, so its consumption prevents people from becoming constipated and makes bowel movements easier.

Consuming date juice increases the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, thus preventing the occurrence of digestive disorders.

Date juice causes fast absorption of food and helps digestion.

Due to the fact that dates are rich in potassium and manganese, it relieves all kinds of stomach pains.

There are many benefits of Pyaram dates.

Properties of dates

Pyaram dates are one of the types of dates available in the country, which are grown in Hormozgan province. This date, like other dates, has a very high nutritional value. This date is rich in sugars, proteins, minerals and various vitamins such as vitamins A, B and E.

The sugar in it is fructose. This sugar helps the body's metabolism a lot. One of the most important properties of Pyaram dates is that its sugar is fructose; Therefore, people with diabetes can also use this date.

This date is rich in fiber, which is very necessary for the health of the digestive system and nutrition. Another property of this type of date is that it is rich in carotenoids or colored substances.

These materials are the primary and necessary materials for the production of vitamin A and antioxidants; Therefore, consumption of this type of dates prevents cells from becoming cancerous. Another property of this date is to prevent bleeding because it is rich in vitamin C.

Potassium and magnesium present in this type of dates both prevent high blood pressure and cause proper functioning of nerves and muscles.

Another property of this type of date is that it is rich in folic acid or folate. Folate is very useful for blood supply to the body. Its use is recommended for pregnant women. Another miraculous property of this date is to neutralize stomach acid.

Properties of dates for men

Dates are rich in properties, one of the most important properties of which is strengthening sexual powers and solving sexual problems and disorders in men.

In recent years, based on the research conducted in this field, it was concluded that dates are very useful and have positive effects on the treatment and elimination of men's sexual problems.

One of the most important properties of dates for men is increasing the number of sperm. This property is due to the presence of a substance called flavonoid that is present in dates. This property of dates cures problems such as infertility in men due to lack of sperm. Even in traditional medicine, the combination of dates, milk and honey is used to treat male infertility.

Another feature of dates for men is that it is very useful for the prostate. Because it is rich in magnesium. Also, date powder is very suitable and useful for treating impotence.

In addition, in traditional medicine, in order to strengthen men's sexual powers, they use a combination of goat milk and dates, which is considered a strong enhancer.

We have said a lot about the properties of dates. You may even be tired of reading it. But know that knowing these things will help you choose better foods for your diet. Help keep your body healthy by eating dates.

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Pregnancy is one of the most difficult periods for women. In this period, besides taking care of their nutrition, women should also consume the calories needed for the child's growth. pistachio wholesale But gestational diabetes and gestational blood pressure and gestational thyroid are things that may be problematic for some people during an incorrect diet.

The properties of dried fruit during pregnancy are very great for women, because these fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins and provide the substances needed by the body. In addition, dry fruits are small in volume and therefore can be considered a good snack for pregnant women.

The fiber in dry fruits is very useful for pregnant women because in most cases of pregnancy, women's bodies are in the phase of constipation. Hai becomes pregnant.

The only thing that may bother pregnant women to eat dried fruits is the sugar content in these fruits. The high sugar content of these fruits may cause gestational diabetes; Therefore, pregnant women should be careful to limit the consumption of these dry fruits and eat them in moderation.

Properties of dried kiwi fruit

Kiwi is one of the most popular dried fruits. Kiwi usually becomes elastic and deliciously sour after drying; For this reason, this fruit has many fans among dry fruits. The calories and fat contained in this dried kiwi fruit model are very low, but instead, it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

All kinds of dried fruits including raisins, dried kiwi

By the way, dried kiwi has very little sugar and is very useful for people with high blood sugar. Also, pregnant women can use dry kiwi for their snack and not be afraid of increasing their sugar. This fruit is a rich source of iron and calcium and easily provides all the body's needs in this field. The presence of large amounts of vitamin C in dry kiwi is more than oranges and citrus fruits.

Dried kiwi is very useful for skin health and strengthens hair. Kiwi fruit itself and even its dried fruit can be used to lose weight.

This fruit is anti-cancer and very useful for treating asthma and shortness of breath. It is an antidote to smoking and is very useful for maintaining eye health. Finally, this fruit can be used to eliminate stress and insomnia.

Properties of dry banana fruit

Banana is one of the most popular fruits and it is considered the favorite fruit of many people. Bananas are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, carbohydrates, etc. Consuming dried bananas reduces stomach acid and is very useful for maintaining skin health. The properties of dried banana fruit are also very good for heart health.

15% of potassium required by the body, 19% carbohydrates, 32% fiber, 35% sugar, 4% protein, 1% vitamin A, 10% vitamin C, 15% vitamin B-6, 1% calcium, 19% magnesium and Finally, 7% of the body's daily need for iron is provided by eating fresh or dry bananas.

Now that we have said a lot about the properties of dried fruit, it is better to know that each food has a different reaction according to each body system. Most foods are useful, but they behave differently in each body. Many people may not be able to consume dry fruits as they should due to a series of physical sensitivities. Thank you for reading this article. Be healthy and healthy!

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What are the benefits of dried fruit for weight loss? Most people in the world struggle with the problem of obesity and weight gain. Weight gain and obesity have various reasons. pistachio wholesale Some people have fat genes and whatever they consume is quickly absorbed by their body. Others gain weight due to inactivity.

It is interesting to know that dried fruit is known as one of the most attractive snacks for weight loss because its sugar is natural and it has a lot of fiber and vitamins; But we can only use this dry fruit to lose weight if we observe the balance in the consumption of dry fruit.

How to dry berries + its great benefits

Dried fruit is basically slices of cut fruits that have been dehydrated in the sun, oven or fruit drying machine. These slices are lighter and sweeter than regular fruit slices. Dried fruits can be added to almost any diet; Whether it is a calorie-burning diet for weight loss, or a diet for weight stability, or diets for weight gain; However, because dried fruits lose their juice during the preparation process and gain less volume, they have significantly more calories than fresh fruits.

According to a 5-year dietary study published in 2011 in the Journal of Nutritional Research, dried fruits, despite their high calorie content, may promote weight loss even if consumed in excess. In other words, adding dried fruit to your diet does not cause weight gain and instead can help you lose weight.

The unique properties of dried figs for health

Benefits of dried fruit for weight loss

Dry fruits have nutrients that burn fat; It also has a lot of fiber, which makes us feel full and helps us lose weight. In addition, dietary fiber regulates bowel movements and prevents constipation. On the other hand, dried fruits have a lot of iron, which helps our energy level to be high and to always be energetic and active.

If you wish, we suggest you read the comprehensive article on the benefits of dried fruit.

Let's take a look at the fruits that are both good for our health and can help us lose weight in our slimming diet. Stay with dry store to introduce you to some fruits that are effective in losing weight;

1. Grapefruit

Eating grapefruit daily may not be a good idea, but the good news is that grapefruit fights fat. In fact, research shows that eating half a grapefruit before a meal can help you lose weight. This fruit has few calories; In fact, half a grapefruit has only 37 calories but is high in fiber.

2. Kiwi

Some people like kiwi because of its sweet and sour taste. Did you know that this fruit is effective for weight loss due to its high fiber content? And you have probably asked yourself what are the black seeds inside this fruit; All of these little black seeds are a good mix of insoluble fiber that aids in digestion; But kiwi also has soluble fiber, so it gives you a feeling of satiety and in this way it will reduce your weight.

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How to dry fruit? The process of drying the fruit is basically the best way to prevent excess fruits from spoiling. Sometimes the dried fruit is superior to the fresh variety because of its better taste. pistachio wholesale Dry fruit is crunchy and sweet and a kind of natural candy, the nutrients in which are not much different from fresh fruit.

As you know, we must consume 2 to 3 units of fruit daily to maintain our health and provide all kinds of vitamins and minerals needed by the body; But most of us avoid eating fruit with carelessness and various excuses.

One of the excuses is the unavailability of juicy and delicious fruits in the cold seasons of the year, which of course seems completely justified. But this problem can be easily solved; We can use dried fruit in the cold seasons because the nutrients in them are not much different from fresh fruit. Drying fruit at home is an easy task that can be done in several ways. In the future, stay with Dry Store to introduce you to how to prepare dried fruit at home in 3 different ways.

What fruits can be dried?

With the end of each season, its delicious fruits give way to the fruits of the new season. For example, with the arrival of spring, there is no news of oranges and tangerines, and this can cause serious challenges for lovers of these two fruits in spring. Drying fruit allows seasonal fruit enthusiasts to provide supplies for the following seasons. If you wish, you can start your fruit drying business with a small budget; Just click on the link below;

How to start fruit drying?

In general, most fruits can be dried, but their drying process is slightly different. so that if we dry them too little or too much, they may lose their properties and taste. The benefits of dried fruits are many.

Online shopping for dried fruit

Drying summer fruits and keeping them for winter use can make this season more enjoyable for us. Of course, we should note that keeping dried fruit has its own way and methods, otherwise we may face their failure.

The best fruits for drying are:


Undoubtedly, apricot is the most popular fruit for drying. This fruit, which is harvested in spring and summer, is one of the main nuts on Eid night. Of course, apricots can be relatively dried so that they feel a little soft when chewed.


Another delicious fruit that many people dry for later seasons is peaches. The best ideal temperature for drying this fruit is 65 degrees Celsius in the first two hours and 55 degrees in the next 8 to 12 hours.


Apple is the most popular fruit for drying. Considering that apples have four seasons, it is possible to dry them in all seasons. The most ideal temperature for drying this delicious fruit is 55 degrees Celsius for 8 to 12 hours.


Maybe you have never tried dried pineapple. It is recommended to dry this fruit once and use its properties for the next seasons. This delicious fruit gives us great energy during exercise. The best temperature for drying pineapple is 50 to 60 degrees Celsius for 12 to 16 hours.

Orange and tangerine

Oranges and tangerines are fruits that are very common among people to dry them. Oranges look a little bitter after drying; But according to many people, it is this bitterness that makes them more delicious.

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Walnut oil is produced by a special method called cold pressing, in which raw walnuts are used and its oil is extracted. However, it is not the only method available to extract this oil. pistachio wholesale because we can also do it at home in the following way:

First, we will need 100 grams of shelled walnuts and 150 cc of extra virgin olive oil.

How to prepare:

First, we chop the peeled walnuts and put them in a container and pour olive oil on it until it is completely covered and fill the container and let these ingredients stay for five days. We can stir it several times a day.

After five days, we use a cloth to separate the walnuts from the oil, we must throw away the walnuts and keep the oil. The oil is infused with walnut properties.

We can do this procedure several times before finishing the preparation, that is, if we wish, daily we strain the oil and add new chopped walnuts.

If you want to learn more about the properties of walnut oil, we suggest you read the article on the health benefits of walnut oil

Uses of the dry skin inside the walnut

1. Control of sugar and diabetes

Using infused walnut kernels is an effective way to control diabetes and blood sugar. Doctors advise people who want to avoid diabetes to make the most of walnuts. According to traditional medicine, walnut fruit has many properties to maintain human health, and one of its best properties is regulating blood sugar.

It should be mentioned that the dry shells inside the walnut, which are on the sides of the walnut kernel, are one of the valuable resources to prevent the increase in blood sugar, but unfortunately, most people throw it away as waste. Studies show that brewing these dry skins also helps a lot in reducing blood sugar in people with diabetes or people who are at risk of developing diabetes.

2. Removing dental plaque

To remove plaque and dental plaque and to prevent bleeding gums, we remove some hard skins from the middle of the walnut and put them in water until it boils for about 20 minutes. After the water cools, we pass it through a strainer. The remaining water is the magic solution.

Know the health benefits of dried fruit

Then we brush our teeth with this water three times a day. If we do this for two weeks, we can easily get rid of dental plaque and tartar. In addition, if we are faced with the problem of bleeding gums, with the help of this method, we can prevent the bleeding of the gums because it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

How to store walnuts

As you know, autumn is the season for harvesting walnuts, and after picking, we have to remove the green skin from it; Because after a short period of time, the skin of the walnut will burn and the core of the walnut will burn. If you want to learn how to store walnuts, we suggest you read how to store walnuts.

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In this article, we discuss the role and properties of hazelnuts for anemia, and we have an overview of the symptoms of anemia and its treatment methods. Stay with us to get useful and constructive information about this important issue. pistachio wholesale Hemoglobin is a protein that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide and needs iron for its proper functioning. With these important functions that hemoglobin plays in the body, have you ever thought of a solution for health and strengthening its amount in the body?

When the level of RBC or blood hemoglobin drops below the normal level, a person is diagnosed with anemia. Many foods should be included in the daily plan to prevent and treat this problem. In this regard, do not neglect the benefits of nuts as well as the properties of hazelnuts for anemia.

What are the benefits of hazelnuts during pregnancy?

Symptoms of anemia

If you sleep well but still feel tired or lack energy in your daily activities, you may be suffering from anemia. Anemia can cause physical, mental and memory problems. Symptoms of anemia are:

Feeling weak and tired


pale skin


Numbness or cold feeling in hands and feet

Low body temperature

Those who have anemia, the oxygen in their blood is low, as a result, the heart has to work harder to compensate for this deficiency and deliver oxygen to all the organs of the body. Cardiac symptoms include arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), shortness of breath, and chest pain.

What people are more prone to anemia?

Children are susceptible to anemia due to genetic reasons or lack of proper diet. Hazelnut provides the necessary nutrients and iron to their body. Growing people need high nutritional value. This brain supplies the energy needed by children's bodies and minimizes anemia caused by iron deficiency. Instead of using iron tablets or chemical drugs to treat children, you can replace harmful substances with delicious brains. Pregnant women, the elderly, and those who take a lot of medication have less iron absorption.

Health benefits of raisins

It has been proven in new studies that women are more prone to anemia than men; All people with iron deficiency anemia are advised to include hazelnuts and other nuts in their diet. The health of the mother and the fetus must be provided by the useful foods that the mother eats. The strengthening of the body's immune system and the development of the development of the fetus depend on the nutrients in the nuts and oil seeds.

Vitamins in hazelnuts to treat anemia

Fiber, sodium, minerals, carbohydrates, starch and calories are among the contents of hazelnuts. Other nutrients found in these nuts are: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, copper and fatty acid that the body needs these valuable substances daily. To get additional vitamins in the body, you should use hazelnut powder, extract and also the properties of hazelnut butter. According to your taste, dissolve the hazelnut in some milk and consume it. The use of dairy products and honey together with hazelnuts plays a significant role in reducing the complications of anemia.

Due to the strong antioxidant properties of hazelnuts, it is recommended for anemia as a supplement to strengthen blood cells. Antioxidant fights the activity of free radicals in the body and you get rid of all types of blood cancer. The existence of three factors of protein, fat and carbohydrates is very important for people who are thinking about rejuvenating and strengthening the immune system. These substances are recommended for the prevention of anemia problems for people who want to absorb the right amount of energy during the day.

If you want to know the full benefits of hazelnuts, we suggest you read the article on the properties of hazelnuts.

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An infusion of dried pear skin sweetened with a little honey is a soothing drink. Eating raw dried pears also has a calming effect on the nervous system. In addition to B vitamins, magnesium and phosphorus and some other elements present in dried pears have a calming effect on the nerves. pistachio wholesale Also, the sweetness of dry pear and chewing it causes the expansion of contracted facial muscles.

7. heart health

One of the properties of dried pears is to open blood vessels from waste materials because this fruit is rich in potassium. Potassium is an important factor in increasing heart health. This substance prevents the formation of blood clots in the veins and increases blood circulation in the body. This leads to maintaining the health and vitality of the body.

This dry fruit also lowers blood pressure and greatly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Potassium is the supplier of water needed by cells; This substance helps balance the important and necessary fluids for body cells. If you want to learn more about the properties of pears, we suggest you read the comprehensive article on the properties of dried pears.

How to dry pears

If you want to learn how to dry pears completely, we suggest you read how to dry pears.

First method: drying in the sun

In this method, we first try to use healthy, fresh and unblemished fruits so that the dried type has a pleasant taste.

Then we wash the pears well and place them in a colander to remove excess water.

Cut the pears into slices or slices (taking the fruit skin is optional).

We put the pieces of fruit in a suitable container like a tray and expose it to the sunlight and cover the pears with a net cloth. The time required to dry pears in the sun is between 2 and 4 days, depending on the air humidity.

Properties of dried apples and how to dry apples

Second method: drying in the oven

Drying by oven is an easy method that we can easily do.

First, we cut the washed fruits into thin slices of 3 to 5 mm.

Then we cover the bottom of the oven tray with aluminum sheets and arrange the pear slices keeping the distance inside the tray.

We set the temperature of the oven to the lowest level, i.e. 50 degrees Celsius, and put the tray inside the oven and turn the fruits every half hour. When the fruits have a leather-like texture and are flexible, they are ready to be taken out of the oven.

The third method: drying with a dryer

For this purpose, we first arrange the pear slices on the drying machine with a suitable distance.

Then we set the temperature of the machine to 57 degrees Celsius and wait until the fruits are completely dry.

During the drying time, we move the fruits regularly.

The duration of complete drying of fruits in the dryer is 1-2 days.

How to dry "Ba" fruit + "Ba" properties for health

How to prepare pear tea

To prepare tea, we first cut dried pears into smaller pieces. Then we put the pot on the heat and wait for it to get hot and add the pear slices to it and immediately turn them upside down with a wooden spoon so that the slices do not burn. We continue this work until the color of the slices becomes deep brown.

Then we remove the pot from the heat and let the slices cool down. After doing this, we put the pieces of fruit in a teapot containing boiling water so that it brews well. We can add a little cinnamon, cardamom or rose water to improve the aroma of tea. If the tea is not sweet, we add a little candy to it.

How to store dried pears

After drying the pears, you can store them in plastic containers with lids, freezer bags or vacuum packaging.

The most important factor in the shelf life of dried pears is temperature; At a temperature close to zero, they can be stored for 3 years and at room temperature for about a year. Also, do not expose them to sunlight and heat because they will deteriorate quickly.

Be careful, if you have recently dried pears, do not pack them quickly; Because it causes sweating and then corruption.

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