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Slice pistachios and pilaf

One of the most delicious pistachio wholesale Iranian dishes is Marsa pilaf, which you need to slice pistachios, almonds and orange peel to make.
Slice pistachios and barberry pilaf with chicken

One of the most famous methods of decorating barberry pilaf is pistachio slices. You can also use sliced pistachios along with saffron rice to have a barberry pilaf with delicious and beautiful chicken.
Sliced pistachios and pistachios

Pistachio pilaf is a nutritious food made with meat and sliced pistachios. This dish is usually a formal meal and is suitable for parties.

One of the souvenirs of Kerman province is pistachio qavut, which is a very delicious and energetic sweet. Pistachio Qavut is also known as Pistachio Qutu. Although this delicious food is known in the south of the country; But many of us have never tried it. If you have never eaten pistachios like pistachio butter; I suggest you try it at the first opportunity. Pistachio powder contains pistachio and cardamom powder and some sugar and its energy content is high.

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The most important pistachio wholesale cultivation areas in Iran are Kerman, Yazd, Khorasan, Fars, Semnan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Markazi, Isfahan, Qazvin and Tehran. Damghan, Rafsanjan, Zarandshahr Kashkoyeh, Sirjan, Buin Zahra, Anar and Neyriz are the main centers of pistachio production in Iran and 80% of pistachios produced in Iran are obtained from these areas. Until several years ago, pistachio cultivation was more common in Kerman, Yazd and Khorasan provinces. Facing severe water restrictions in Kerman province caused pistachio cultivation to expand to other more water-rich provinces. Today, pistachio cultivation is developing in most provinces of Iran.

The director of the Pistachio Research Institute of Iran has stated that even the western provinces have started to cultivate this crop and one of the challenges is low yield or so-called tree shortage, but in these conditions we can have a good crop due to climate change such as lack of cold in Winter or increase in temperature in March and April and problems due to severe temperature changes, we face low yields. Climate change is another issue that has affected pistachios and is one of the reasons for the outbreak of pests.

Pistachios can grow and sprout in many parts of Iran, but due to the severe climate change in Iran in recent decades, areas that were previously suitable for growing pistachios are not so favorable now, and many areas that were previously unfavorable are now suitable. Economic cultivation of pistachios.

Economic planting of pistachios in an area means that planting there is economical. The best place to grow pistachios is an area that is relatively cold in winter (temperature below 6 degrees) and from March, when it is time to germinate, the air temperature is below zero. It should not be cold, in summer it should have a temperature above 25 degrees Celsius and below 40 degrees, and it should have a relative humidity of about 40%. Also, one of the most important climatic conditions for the growth of pistachio trees is the lack of salinity in the soil, the relative fertility of the soil and the lack of high salinity in the area.

Planting pistachios in different parts of Iran, which used to be pistachio nurseries, will no longer be economical because the air temperature has risen sharply, the groundwater level has dropped sharply and the relative humidity has reached about 10 percent. . On the other hand, there are other cities that now experience the climatic conditions of areas such as Damghan and Rafsanjan 40 years ago and are ideal for growing pistachios. Some of the cities in Iran that we can name are the cities around Lake Urmia and many cities in North Khorasan that have the above conditions.

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wATERING systems

In the early stages of pistachio planting, more attention pistachio wholesale should be paid to irrigation of pistachio seedlings and immediately after planting, irrigation of seedlings should begin, irrigation periods in the first year should not be more than 7 days.
From the second year until transplanting, it is best to water the seedlings every 10 to 12 days. In the first and second years, because the roots of the plant are not developed, the amount of water given to the plant is more than the plant needs and a large amount of it is out of reach of the plant as drainage, but over time and with increasing plant ability to absorb water, plant needs decrease. In the flood method, 4,000 cubic meters of water per hectare will be sufficient for the whole year. After transplanting the trees, watering should be done regularly and once every 14 days.
Drip irrigation of pistachio orchard

In order to be able to get proper nutrition and not incur additional costs for unnecessary fertilization, it is necessary to sample the soil and send the samples to a reputable laboratory (for correct sampling you can refer to the article on sampling training for soil testing) and based on Test results Only provide the plant with the nutrients it needs.

In general, for soils whose soil is weaker than average in terms of nutrient storage, 300 g of pure nitrogen, 300 g of phosphorus (P2O5) and 300 g of potassium (K2O) along with 20 kg of rotted animal manure can be provided to each seedling. To provide this amount of nutrients, 400 grams of urea, 800 grams of ammonium phosphate and 600 grams of potassium sulfate should be used, respectively.
Transplanting pistachio trees

Three methods for transplanting pistachio trees are common in Iran:

Tube transplantation
Abdominal transplant
Scanning link

Of these three methods, only the tubular method is currently used and the other two methods have been almost abandoned. Pistachio trees are propagated using this method.

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Pistachio seedlings (round and large)

Koleghoochi pistachio seedling is one pistachio wholesale of the early pistachio seedling cultivars that flowers from about the end of March and is ready to be harvested in September. Koleghoochi pistachio tree has large and round fruits and due to having a full and large kernel, it is one of the most popular pistachio seedlings in Iran. In addition to being eaten alone, Koleghoochi pistachio is also of great importance in confectionery, ice cream making and export.
Akbari pistachio seedlings (elongated and well-formed)

Akbari pistachio seedlings are another type of pistachio seedlings that have their own customers all over the world due to their good shape and delicious taste. Akbari pistachio seedlings are dwarf pistachio seedlings that produce every few years, but its product is very fruitful and high yield, however, it is one of the most expensive pistachio cultivars in the world.
Ahmad Aghaei pistachio seedlings (long and almond-shaped)

Pistachio seedlings Ahmad Aghaei is another cultivar of pistachio seedlings in Iran, which happens to be one of the best commercial pistachio seedlings in the world. The shape of this pistachio is large, almond and with bony skin. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio tree is one of the late pistachio cultivars and is generally cultivated in Kerman and Rafsanjan provinces.
Hazelnut pistachio seedlings (round and fine)

Hazelnut pistachio is one of the main cultivars of pistachio seedlings in Kerman, which occupies about half of the pistachio orchards in Kerman. The main characteristics of the hazelnut pistachio tree are its cost-effectiveness, delicious taste and beautiful pistachio shape. In fact, pistachio is a hazelnut of pistachio seedling cultivars, which due to being smaller than other pistachio cultivars, gives you more pistachios per kilogram and has a lower overall price. However, hazelnut pistachio is one of the most popular and delicious types of pistachios in Iran and is also an important part of exports.

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Qazvini pistachio is mostly pistachio wholesale used for slicing and slicing due to its completely green kernel. This pistachio is very early and is cultivated in different cities of Iran such as Kerman, Yazd, Khorasan and Rafsanjan. Due to the completely green kernel that Qazvini pistachio has, it is used for confectionery and processing industries.

The only reason that has limited the export of this pistachio is its very small size. It goes without saying that Qazvini pistachio has many properties. Also, after harvesting this pistachio, the peeling process is easy due to its soft skin.
Damghan Shah Pasand Pistachio

Damghan Shahpasand pistachio, as its name suggests, has an excellent taste. This pistachio is quite smiling and has a very beautiful appearance and a very affordable price for entertaining guests. Shah Pasand Damghan pistachio can be considered one of the most delicious pistachios in Iran.

This type of pistachio is one of the first class pistachios in Iran. The appearance of Shah Damand pistachio in Damghan is almond and smiling, which is why it is very popular with customers.

The pistachios that we mentioned briefly above are among the best-selling and most famous pistachios in Iran. Since pistachios have a very high nutritional value, this delicious food stands out in the dish of salty and sweet nuts.

It is one of the main components of nuts. Pistachios have many healing properties. In addition, they are very popular because of their wonderful taste.

Iran is one of the top exporters of pistachios and the reason is nothing but high quality and first class pistachios in our country. Buying high quality nuts is one of the necessities for entertaining guests among the people of Iran.

You can buy nuts online and in person and buy pistachios along with other high quality nuts. You can also use different types of pistachios to entertain your guests. Because all of them have high quality and excellent taste and are perfectly suitable for entertaining guests. In the meantime, the many properties of pistachios should not be overlooked, because it is very necessary to meet the needs of the body.

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Pistachios are a good source of pistachio wholesale essential vitamins for the physical and mental development of children. The properties of raw pistachios include vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, panotenic acid, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin A and vitamin E; It is very effective and useful for strengthening the immune system of infants and children.

A rich source of vitamin B6 in children will increase their energy and increase their level of alertness and intelligence. In addition, this substance strengthens their physical strength.

One of the properties of raw pistachios is the presence of high sources of fiber that help children to easily digest and excrete food. Fiber prevents constipation in people.
Properties of raw pistachios
One of the properties of raw pistachios for pregnant and lactating women is increasing the volume of light milk and strengthening the physical and mental growth of the fetus. Plus existence
Vitamins in it will increase the level of consciousness in children and strengthen their physical and mental development. Fiber available in
This substance prevents constipation in pregnant women and children.
Properties of pistachio oil (mountain)

There has been a lot of talk about pistachio fighting free radicals. Premature aging or sagging skin often occurs due to increased or decreased blood pressure or vibrations caused by free radicals in the environment. Stress and anxiety caused by daily life are also other causes of aging and skin. All of this makes your age appear to be higher than your actual age, and this is not pleasant for many people. Free radicals will reduce and stop the production and regrowth of skin cells over time. At this time, you can use pistachio kernel oil. This oil is a topical oil.

Pistachio oil is used for facial massage. The amount of effective antioxidants in this oil prevents premature aging. When buying pistachio oil, make sure it has no additives and is completely organic.
Pistachios are a source of vitamin E.

Pistachio oil has a lot of vitamin E.

This oil has a high ability to increase blood circulation and improve its mechanism. Pistachio oil helps control acne. Vitamin E is very effective in reducing skin and muscle inflammation. This oil helps control the size of the skin pores and prevents acne and redness of the skin.

High levels of vitamin E in pistachio oil will help tighten and stretch the facial skin, stretching and tightening the facial skin and its muscles will eliminate wrinkles around the eyes and smile line, resulting in beautiful and clear facial skin. In addition, vitamin E is also effective in protecting skin cell membranes and creating brighter and healthier skin.

Another reason that pistachio oil is widely used in skin product formulations is that pistachio oil has emollient properties. When you use this oil as a topical oil, your skin is protected from dryness, flaking or cracks.

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Eat two tablespoons of this elixir every morning with a few spoonfuls of yogurt. Be sure and positive about the reaction and result of this elixir. Add pistachios to your diet.

We recommend pistachio wholesale eating a handful of unsalted dried pistachios with snacks daily along with this elixir. In this diet, not only will you increase your sexual potency, but your heart health will be guaranteed. Another dietary suggestion is to add pistachio kernels to salads or low-fat cottage cheese and eat with grapes (in the season when grapes are found).
Familiarity with the properties of pistachio skin:

• The best medicine to eliminate bad breath.

Chewing it heals wounds in the mouth.

To strengthen the gums, rubbing it on the gums or chewing it is helpful
Properties of pistachio skin
Investigation of pistachio skin properties

Inhaled pistachio peel eliminates nausea and vomiting.

• Brewed it is useful for diarrhea.

To relieve hiccups, brew pistachio peel and drink a cup of it.

You can also make a delicious pickle from fresh pistachio skin and eat it with food in winter.

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Familiarity with pistachio tree and its production stages
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Introduction to pistachio tree and its production stages
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Pistachio is a plant that pistachio wholesale has long been cultivated in different parts of Iran. Wild forests and pistachio carpets in the northeastern region of Iran and the border areas with Turkmenistan and Afghanistan have an ancient history and it is thought that the pistachio tree was domesticated and cultivated in Iran about 3-4 thousand years ago. The first pistachio cultivars in Iran were the result of cultivating and domesticating wild pistachio trees, the number of which was very limited and its appearance was similar to that of Khodro Pistachio. Gradually, due to the transplantation and transfer of these cultivars and the attention of gardeners in terms of coarseness of pistachio seeds, some change has been created and new cultivars have emerged. The economic value of pistachios as a strategic product has a special place among agricultural products. This product constitutes a major part of non-oil exports. At present, about 55% of production and more than 60% of global pistachio exports are in our country and the foreign exchange earnings from pistachio exports are $ 400 million. Areas under cultivation At present, the area under cultivation of Iranian pistachios is more than 360,000 hectares. Pistachio-growing provinces are: Yazd, Khorasan, Fars, Semnan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Qazvin, Markazi, Isfahan and Qom, which account for more than 90,000 hectares of the remaining area under cultivation. The nutritional value of today's knowledge has proven the superiority of pistachios in many ways over many nutritious and nutritious foods such as caviar, shrimp, red and white meat, etc. The amount of energy obtained from 100 grams of pistachio kernels is about 626 kcal. Some cultivars of pistachio in Damghan Pistachio Khanjari cultivar of Damghan: This cultivar is one of the commercial cultivars of pistachio in Damghan region whose fruit is almond shaped. Most of its leaves are composed of 3 leaflets and the terminal leaflet is larger than the leaflets. It is a late flowering cultivar and can be harvested in the second decade of September, in this respect it is one of the average clay cultivars. Pistachio of Shahpsand cultivar: This cultivar is also one of the commercial cultivars of pistachio in Damghan region, the fruit of which is almond-shaped. Most of its leaves are composed of 3 leaflets. It is a late flowering cultivar and can be harvested in the second decade of September. This is one of the average clay cultivars. Damghan city is more than 700 years old in pistachio production. In terms of the presence of essential and valuable compounds in different varieties. Loss of underground resources and investors' attention to this product In the near future, arable lands will give way to pistachio orchards and maximum production of this product requires anticipation of favorable conditions for planting, holding, harvesting, processing, packaging and production of by-products. Will be of high importance. One of the effective ways to prevent pistachios from becoming a luxury commodity and increase public consumption with regard to global inflation will be the proper processing of pistachios and the production of by-products.

The main homeland and date of the pistachio tree

Ordinary pistachio tree or Iranian pistachio Pistacia vera (Pistacia vera) is seen in the form of dense forests in northeastern Iran, so it can be said that the origin of this type of pistachio is from Iran. The pistachio tree has spread from Iran to other places, especially to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea (southern Europe and northern Africa).

Botanical characteristics of pistachio tree

The pistachio tree is a plant with two bases, namely male and female flowers, separated from each other and placed on a separate tree. The inflorescence of the pistachio tree is generally clustered and in the male cluster the flowers are compact and dense. There are more flowers than in the female cluster where the distance between the flowers is large and therefore these flowers form clusters and loose.

Female flowers have one ovary and one egg, but the stigma is branched and has three branches. The leaves of the pistachio tree consist of 5 to 7 leaflets. The root of the tree is axial and vertical and sinks into the soil to a depth of more than two meters. Female flowers are inoculated by wind.

Favorable weather for pistachios

Pistachio tree is both resistant to extreme winter cold and high summer heat. Pistachio tree is not compatible with humid air and soil. High humidity in the ground causes gum disease and rot on the tree collar, which gradually weakens the tree and eventually dries it out. Pistachio tree is very resistant to water shortage and drought so that old trees can be kept alive for a very long time (happiness for several decades) without irrigation.

Optimal soil for pistachios

The best soils for planting pistachio trees are light lemon soils, ie sand and clay. In light lands, fertilizer application is satisfactory for harvesting, but in heavy clay lands that retain a large amount of moisture for a long time, planting this plant does not give satisfactory results and the yield will not be very significant. Pistachio tree tolerates soil salinity to some extent.

A) Irrigation
Although pistachios are very resistant to dehydration, watering should not be neglected, especially at an early age. On average, depending on the soil texture, the following irrigation circuit is recommended in terms of water maintenance, depending on the age of the tree: (except winter)
Tree aged 1 to 3 years: Irrigation circuit 7 to 10 days
Tree aged 3 to 6 years: Irrigation circuit 12 to 20 days
Tree aged 6 years and older: Irrigation circuit

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Among the pistachio seedlings pistachio wholesale that are cultivated in Iran, a special place belongs to hybrid pistachio seedlings. This pistachio seedling is a transplanted pistachio cultivar and in addition to having high quality and high quality products, it also has a good position against various factors. This seedling is also said to have a tremendous growth rate. These seedlings have their own fans and there are those in Iran who make a good profit from selling hybrid pistachio seedlings.

Today, in Paliz Nahal Nursery, we will review the characteristics and how to plant hybrid pistachio seedlings, and at the end, we will provide important points focusing on the price of hybrid pistachio seedlings.
Characteristics of hybrid pistachio seedlings

This transplanted pistachio seedling has high resistance to cold, heat and even pests. This feature of hybrid seedlings has increased the demand for these seedlings in the world. Because hardy seedlings always have less trouble growing. Of course, the cause of high fertility and resistance of these seedlings can be related to breeding; Because this pistachio seedling is a modified cultivar.

As we have mentioned, the yield of these seedlings is high and without a doubt, the high yield is subject to proper and principled maintenance. It is interesting to know that with the help of pruning, the branches of hybrid seedlings can be directed upwards; So that there is no problem for mechanized harvesting of pistachios.
Specifications of hybrid pistachio seedlings

Pistachios are rich in vitamins and minerals, and this nut is one of the most valuable and nutritious fatty nuts found among nuts. Pistachio consumption is so beneficial that some experts recommend eating it regularly as a daily habit. Of course, ideal consumption is also a criterion, and excessive consumption of anything is pathogenic.

Iran has different resources and only the correct use of these resources is beneficial for everyone; The construction of a large pistachio nursery and the planting of hybrid pistachio seedlings in it, in addition to creating employment and profitability, also helps the country's economy. Because the export of pistachios from this nursery can be exported to many countries and in general, Iranian pistachios are famous in the world. If you are thinking of establishing a nursery with these seedlings, do not hesitate in your decision.
Manufacturing Country

Some use the name of this seedling with the American suffix; This means that the main source of these seedlings is the United States. It is said that the United States also has a high level of pistachio production.
Planting distance

Regarding the planting distance of hybrid pistachio seedlings, we must say that this distance is important for the growth and nutrition of these pistachio seedlings; Because of this distance, the seedlings can easily use soil and sunlight sources without disturbing. If this seedling has a vegetative base and we intend to plant it in a low slope field, a distance of 3 * 3 meters is sufficient; In flat areas without slope, 4 * 4 meters is a desirable distance.
Fruit shape

In discussing the pistachio color of hybrid seedlings, it should be said that its color is purple and in some parts it is pale green.
Maximum height of hybrid pistachio tree

Aside from the discussion of genetics, the optimal growth and height of a tree is the product of a principled planting and proper care and cultivation.
Need for cooling

There is a need for cold in all fruit seedlings; This requirement in hybrid pistachio seedlings is about 700 to 1000 hours of cold below 7 degrees Celsius.

It is interesting to know that hybrid seedlings are also highly resistant to heat; These seedlings can withstand temperatures up to 40 to 45 degrees Celsius.

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Raisins are dried pistachio wholesale grapes. This delicious food contains fiber, potassium and various plant compounds that are good for health.

Raisins have a low to moderate glycemic index (the glycemic index provides a measure of how fast carbohydrates in food can be converted to glucose) and a low insulin index (a dietary insulin index that indicates the amount of insulin in the blood within two hours after Is food); This means that raisins should not cause a significant increase in blood sugar or insulin levels after consumption.

Studies show that eating raisins can have the following benefits:

Lower blood pressure
Improve blood sugar control
Reduce inflammatory markers and blood cholesterol
Increase the feeling of satiety

These effects can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Plum is a natural laxative and fights some diseases

Plums are highly nutritious and rich in fiber, potassium, beta-carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin K. Plum is also one of the most well-known nuts due to its laxative properties. The laxative properties of plums are due to their high fiber and sorbitol content, which is naturally present in some fruits. Sorbitol is an alcoholic sugar that is slowly metabolized in the human body.

Eating plums has been shown to help improve bowel movements and consistency. Plums are more effective in treating constipation than psyllium, and this property of plums is a common treatment for constipation.

As an excellent antioxidant, plums can prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Plums are rich in a mineral called boron, which helps treat osteoporosis.

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