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Recommended toxins for pistachio pistachio wholesale weevils

One of the following formulas can be used for spraying against the head and fruit weevil and the trunk weevil (weevil):

Ethion 1.5 to 2 liters + Volk oil 5 to 10 liters per thousand liters of water

Diazinon 1.5 liters + Volk oil 5 to 10 liters per thousand liters of water

Recommended toxins for pistachio weevils

Note: In gardens where weevils are high, it should be sprayed twice. The first spraying should be done with the advice of an expert and with 10 liters of oil, never use too much oil because it causes vegetation on young branches and leaves, to prevent vegetation should be sprayed with a mixture of oil and poison In cool weather and even after watering the garden.

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Tilling between rows of gardens to break hard layers of soil and pistachio wholesale using heavier machines to break hard layers of soil and soften it as long as it is at least 120 cm away from the tree will be effective in permeating the garden soil.

The use of light or heavy machines, either one-way or two-way, although it damages part of the roots, despite this soil remediation, compensates for the lack of damaged roots and prepares them to create new roots. A better result will be obtained if the mechanical soil remediation operation is carried out once a year in the autumn after the harvest when the land is dry.

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Identification of domestic pistachio species Pistacia pistachio wholesale vera

This species can be called the mother of Iranian pistachios and other domestic pistachios in the world. Pistacia vera has been used as a rootstock in more than 99% of Iranian pistachio orchards. This species has a great genetic and phenotypic diversity in different regions of Iran. The height of these trees is 8-15 meters and the diameter of the trunk is 30-50 cm and its leaves have 5 to 7 leaflets which are placed asymmetrically on the petiole.

These leaflets are large and have irregular teeth at the end and the petiole is covered with hairs. The main root of the pistachio tree sinks to a depth of 2-4 meters. It is possible to identify male and female trees only from their flowers, in spring and at the time of flowering.

Flowering of male pistachio tree

The male tree flowers 2-3 days earlier in April than the female tree. The male flower is seen on the cluster in the form of a spike, the flowers are without petioles and have 5 green sepals and 5 oval flags with a short green rod. The female flower is a cluster, with the difference that the method of placing the flowers on the cluster is single and at a distance from each other and does not have a lot of male flowers on the cluster.

The female flowers also remain green for 2-3 days. If the pollen grains of the male flower do not reach it at this time and the mating is not done, the color of the stigma turns reddish brown and then dries and falls off.

If the pollen grains of male flowers reach the female flower cup, the pollen grains stick to the stigma and pass through the cream and enter the ovary. Fertilization takes place, the female flower clusters are fertilized and growth begins. The fruit turns green when ripe and when ripe, and after peeling the skin becomes creamy (Sami et al., 2005).

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The main reason for the lack of progress in our business is that the famous company pistachio wholesale of the Caucasus and Mercury, has entered into jealousy with us, and the explanation of this matter is as follows:

The company has increased the cost of transporting goods and commodities so much that even Russian traders can not move their goods and commodities abroad from Russia. On the other hand, this is a huge barrier to Russian trade in Iran, where all of Iran's trade has fallen into Armenian hands.

Another report states that Russian and British policy in Iran, although motivated differently, was somewhat similar. Each tried to impose its superiority on Iran in different ways. His business and privileges and threats. "In order to use either of these ways, the Russians and the British needed to encroach on Iranian territory as much as possible and cut off the hands of others."

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For Japan, where people like special colors and graphic designs, pistachio wholesale pistachios are prepared in special packaging and printing. California pistachios are packed in plastic packages using FFS vertical machines. The bags are zippers. And they have the property of re-sealing. The price of these packages is cheap and it is marketed under the brands of Ino Lock and Janoflex.

This packing machine has been widely used since 1970 and has now undergone many changes so that the machine is capable of packing 60 bags per minute. The machine can be adjusted to produce packages with different dimensions. In these packages, the zipper part is made of LLDPE. The thickness of the film is 21.2 mm made of LLDPE laminated with polyvinyl chloride with a polyester coating and a printable polyester layer, which is printed in four to eight colors.

In a study, Good and Sautar (1995) considered the main cause of corrosion of kidneys in packages of nuts as inadequate stitching and penetration of oxygen into the package, and the analysis of volatile gases as the presence of oxygen and hexane in these packages that were kidneys. The researchers showed that the LDPE / Ionomer coagulation layer was a more suitable layer for sewing wrappers than the PE / EVA bilayer film.

In addition, PET / PVDC and OPP / EVOH films are suitable films for packing nuts in terms of their resistance to moisture and gases, especially oxygen. These plastic films can be used for packaging raw dried pistachios or roasting data using FFS type packaging machines.

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Understanding the steps of preparing pistachio land for planting After preparing water and soil pistachio wholesale samples, if the result is positive for the garden, profiles with a maximum depth of 2 meters will be dug to fully identify the soil and, if possible, classify it. To start, if the topsoil (before or after leveling) is very saline, it is necessary to remove a thin layer from the topsoil and remove the collected soils from the field. If the profile and sampling showed that the soil texture is completely sandy or has a hard layer to a depth of 2 meters, the construction of a garden in such a place should be avoided. If it is determined by digging the profile that the soil of the garden site is flat (a layer of sand and a layer of clay or vice versa), then before doing anything, according to the garden plan and determining the direction and extension of the rows at the planting site, The soil is thoroughly mixed at least one meter wide and one to two meters deep with a shovel or loader. By doing this, if there are hard layers in the mentioned depth, it will be broken. After this, other operations can be performed according to the plan.

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Burning of leaf margins is one of the many symptoms and plant poisoning is caused by (B). pistachio wholesale Deficiency causes shortening of internodes on weak branches, leaves are often twisted, deformed, small, and if the deficiency is severe, it causes the branch to die by spraying on Brax (11%) as a road in autumn. The rate of 55.7 to 83.5 kg / ha eliminates the deficiency of ber for 3-5 years. In the application of fertilizers containing (B) should be very careful because a little extra can lead to poisoning of trees.

Bar can also be provided by sprinkling. To do this, before the buds open, provide the necessary for the development and growth of flocks and increase or improve the number of seeds per cluster.

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The correct method of using potash pistachio wholesale fertilizers in pistachio orchards

Unfortunately, in the past, due to the lack of potash fertilizers in pistachio orchards and excessive depletion of potassium in the soil, trees have faced long-term problems. Statistical studies show that more than 60% of gardens in Kerman province are deficient in potassium and it is difficult to bring the yield to the desired level in these gardens in the short term.

Since the need for potassium in pistachio trees is the same as nitrogen (slightly less) and given that potassium has a very important role in the quantity and quality of the product should be given special attention. Potassium plays an important role in regulating the water system and plant sap concentration, which is vital in arid and saline soils. In case of symptoms of deficiency of 1-3 kg of potash fertilizer for each tree in the form of manure or fertilizer tape is recommended. 48% of potassium, potassium chloride is recommended only in non-saline soils.

The correct way to use potash fertilizers in pistachio orchards Since the tree needs high nitrogen and potassium when the fruit is full and the simultaneous use of these two elements will have a great impact on the quantity and quality of the product, the use of potassium nitrate can be very useful. It seems that the nitrate in these fertilizers, in addition to meeting the need for nitrogen, also prevents the absorption of chlorine and increases the efficiency of potassium uptake. Therefore, it is recommended to use one third of the potash and nitrogen requirements of the plant as potassium nitrate road, and if more nitrogen is needed, to use ammonium nitrate, and the rest of the potash needs to be consumed as potassium sulfate (chalk fertilizer).

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On the other hand, in order to be absorbed, the dependence of this fertilizer on soil microbiological pistachio wholesale population is high because it must be hydrolyzed by urease bacteria and then converted to nitrite by nitrifiers and finally to nitrate (plant absorbable). It absorbs its need in the form of nitrate and a small part in the form of ammonium) and due to the possible low population of microorganisms in saline soils, the nitrogen uptake efficiency of this fertilizer is very low.

The best nitrogen-containing fertilizers that are also acidic and can be used for pistachio growing areas are ammonium nitrate with 33% nitrogen and ammonium sulfate with 21% nitrogen. Considering that 50% of nitrogen is ammonium nitrate fertilizer in the form of nitrate, its consumption is suitable in all soils and especially in heavy soils (but preferably twice). Because 50% of this fertilizer is ready to be absorbed and only 50% of it depends on the microbiological population of the soil for absorption, on the other hand, the nitrate in the fertilizer can prevent chlorine absorption to some extent and reduce the effects of salinity.

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How to use closed mouth pistachio wholesale pistachios

Closed-mouth pistachios are usually used in two ways:

Pistachios that have less than 50% of the kernels are made with a kernel machine and are used in confectionery, ice cream and restaurants.

Pistachios with more than 50% kernels are soaked in pools of water for several hours and then cut with special pliers by workers and then dried by dryers at a temperature of 65-60 ° C until Be artificially smiling. Smiling pistachios are obtained in this way, which is obtained by considering health items and is known as "smiling water pistachio") along with natural smiling pistachios.

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