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wATERING systems

In the early stages of pistachio planting, more attention pistachio wholesale should be paid to irrigation of pistachio seedlings and immediately after planting, irrigation of seedlings should begin, irrigation periods in the first year should not be more than 7 days.
From the second year until transplanting, it is best to water the seedlings every 10 to 12 days. In the first and second years, because the roots of the plant are not developed, the amount of water given to the plant is more than the plant needs and a large amount of it is out of reach of the plant as drainage, but over time and with increasing plant ability to absorb water, plant needs decrease. In the flood method, 4,000 cubic meters of water per hectare will be sufficient for the whole year. After transplanting the trees, watering should be done regularly and once every 14 days.
Drip irrigation of pistachio orchard

In order to be able to get proper nutrition and not incur additional costs for unnecessary fertilization, it is necessary to sample the soil and send the samples to a reputable laboratory (for correct sampling you can refer to the article on sampling training for soil testing) and based on Test results Only provide the plant with the nutrients it needs.

In general, for soils whose soil is weaker than average in terms of nutrient storage, 300 g of pure nitrogen, 300 g of phosphorus (P2O5) and 300 g of potassium (K2O) along with 20 kg of rotted animal manure can be provided to each seedling. To provide this amount of nutrients, 400 grams of urea, 800 grams of ammonium phosphate and 600 grams of potassium sulfate should be used, respectively.
Transplanting pistachio trees

Three methods for transplanting pistachio trees are common in Iran:

Tube transplantation
Abdominal transplant
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Of these three methods, only the tubular method is currently used and the other two methods have been almost abandoned. Pistachio trees are propagated using this method.

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