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Micro-irrigation systems are able to provide irrigation pistachio wholesale water to the plant with full efficiency

Provided they are properly operated and managed.

One of the characteristics of micro-irrigation systems is that they are able to supply water with

Spread a high uniformity in each position, so that the whole farm the amount of water

Receive the same. But due to pressure differences in the system as well as non

Uniformity of dripper construction, even new irrigation systems is possible

They can not distribute water evenly. In a system that is precisely designed

Can be used using pressure regulating valves in the main pipes,

Main half and drain pipes or use pressure relief drippers,

Changes in pressure and thus changes in the amount of water leaving the emitters

Minimized. Also a well-designed system can sometimes with

Work with high uniformity that is properly maintained. The main reason for the lack

Uniformity of water distribution in micro-irrigation systems, blockage of drippers in

The effect of suspended particles is organic matter and sediment of lime and iron. Biological clogging in

Effect of bacterial sludge, algae present in irrigation water or on its own

The system grows, is created. Biological clogging is usually during

The use of surface water occurs. This type of clogging when used

Most of the groundwater is related to iron bacterial sludge. the operation

Maintenance Familiarity with the practice of cutting and holding with pistachio 71 for a minimum

Biological clogging problems, including chlorine injection and good water purification

is. In the case of severe biological clogging, chlorine should be injected until the concentration

It should reach 2 to PPm 5 mg / l at the end of the drain pipe. the door

When the severity of the biological contamination is lower, periodic chlorination with a concentration of 2 ml

Gram per liter is enough every few weeks.

Risk of clogging due to chemical deposition Chemical clogging is often tested

And the decomposition of irrigation water is predictable. For example, irrigation water with a higher pH

7.5 and bicarbonate of 2 mC / L meq / l or higher risk

Increase calcium carbonate deposition. Water with an amount of iron 0.5-1 mg

Droppers are at risk of clogging due to iron deposition. Lowering Ph

Water at 7 and less by injecting acid into the system from calcium carbonate precipitate

prevents. To solve the problem of iron deposition, usually water in tanks

Aerate to allow sediment to form and settle before entering the system.

Management advice to reduce the effect of soil and water salinity is one of the largest

The problems in the pistachio growing areas of the country are the salinity of water and soil.

Therefore, in order to make the best use of these resources, it is necessary to observe some technical recommendations

To minimize the harmful effects of this salinity:

1. Planting crops such as barley in pristine lands with regular and frequent irrigation

Shortly before the construction of the garden

2. If planting pistachios in saline or saline and alkaline lands is considered, seedlings

Should be grown on the floor and not in hot water. In other words instead

Sufficient volume (seedlings should be planted perfectly on the center line of this strip

Mature trees also become more familiar with the operation if they are familiar with saline water and soil

It should be made with pistachios

He refused next to the tree trunk.

3- Providing the need for washing through heavy irrigation before constructing the garden,

To reduce soil salinity and give excess water to the need to irrigate the pistachio tree along

Growth season.

4- Using suitable salinity resistant seedlings for planting in saline lands

5. Perform winter irrigation from late autumn to mid-winter, ie when

The tree is in the dormant stage.

6- Maintaining the available water of the plant in the soil at a high level by applying irrigation periods

short term.

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