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Freeze fresh pistachios:

To freeze fresh pistachios, you can easily place them in any pistachio wholesale container available and freeze. Take the pistachio out of the freezer half an hour before you plan to eat it to defrost it. In this way, the taste of fresh pistachios is completely preserved and you can enjoy having fresh pistachios at home all year round.

If the amount of pistachios is large and you want to peel them, it is difficult. The best solution is to put some of them in a strong plastic so that when you close the plastic door and flatten it, it will be about 3-4 cm; And rub on them with your hands or feet so that their skins are peeled off, not crushed. Do this gently to separate the fresh pistachio skins from them, and then separate the skins and pistachios by hand.

After removing the skins, pour it into a bowl of water and mix a little. Empty and empty pistachios come on the water. Separate them and then pour the fresh pistachios into the drain.

When the water is gone, put the pistachios either in a basket or on a clean cloth in a sunny spot and let them dry.

Fresh pistachios can be dried in the shade, but their shells do not open and the pistachios do not smile, but in the sun you have smiling pistachios

After 3-4 days, the pistachios dry out, but to be sure, eat them to see if they are completely dry.

Before the pistachios are dry, you can roast them with some water and salt. Roasting the pistachios will make the pistachios last longer.

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