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Hazelnuts are one of the energizing foods that are included in the category of nuts. These nuts are rich in many minerals and nutrients, each of which plays a unique role. pistachio wholesale This food can be used to treat many diseases. Here, we are going to talk about hazelnuts and colds, and we will also explain how to use hazelnuts.

The connection between hazelnuts and colds

Hazelnuts and colds are one of the headlines that appear today, this type of food can be used to treat colds. Vitamin E, sodium, magnesium, vitamin C and... They are minerals needed to treat colds. Hazelnut is rich in mentioned minerals, as a result, this substance can be used to treat colds and its symptoms such as headache, body pain, cough, etc. used.

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How to use hazelnuts to treat colds:

Hazelnuts can be used in different ways to treat colds. for example :

Hazelnut and milk

One of the methods of using hazelnuts to treat colds is combining hazelnuts with milk. To prepare this mixture, first peel the hazelnuts and then grind them. Dissolve some ground hazelnuts in a glass of lukewarm milk and then use.

Hazelnuts and figs

Another combination that helps treat colds is hazelnuts and figs. Figs are a kind of laxative and also a chest balm, so this substance can be used to treat cough. First, soak the figs for a few hours, then put them in a blender with peeled hazelnuts and some warm water and mix well. Eat the resulting mixture.

To treat a cold, you can eat hazelnut alone or with other foods such as milk, figs, etc. It was combined and then used. Note that hazelnuts can be used to prepare harira. In other words, to prepare this type of harira, you only need to use ground hazelnuts. In this article, we discussed the relationship between hazelnuts and colds. We hope you enjoyed this article.

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