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How to dry fruit? The process of drying the fruit is basically the best way to prevent excess fruits from spoiling. Sometimes the dried fruit is superior to the fresh variety because of its better taste. pistachio wholesale Dry fruit is crunchy and sweet and a kind of natural candy, the nutrients in which are not much different from fresh fruit.

As you know, we must consume 2 to 3 units of fruit daily to maintain our health and provide all kinds of vitamins and minerals needed by the body; But most of us avoid eating fruit with carelessness and various excuses.

One of the excuses is the unavailability of juicy and delicious fruits in the cold seasons of the year, which of course seems completely justified. But this problem can be easily solved; We can use dried fruit in the cold seasons because the nutrients in them are not much different from fresh fruit. Drying fruit at home is an easy task that can be done in several ways. In the future, stay with Dry Store to introduce you to how to prepare dried fruit at home in 3 different ways.

What fruits can be dried?

With the end of each season, its delicious fruits give way to the fruits of the new season. For example, with the arrival of spring, there is no news of oranges and tangerines, and this can cause serious challenges for lovers of these two fruits in spring. Drying fruit allows seasonal fruit enthusiasts to provide supplies for the following seasons. If you wish, you can start your fruit drying business with a small budget; Just click on the link below;

How to start fruit drying?

In general, most fruits can be dried, but their drying process is slightly different. so that if we dry them too little or too much, they may lose their properties and taste. The benefits of dried fruits are many.

Online shopping for dried fruit

Drying summer fruits and keeping them for winter use can make this season more enjoyable for us. Of course, we should note that keeping dried fruit has its own way and methods, otherwise we may face their failure.

The best fruits for drying are:


Undoubtedly, apricot is the most popular fruit for drying. This fruit, which is harvested in spring and summer, is one of the main nuts on Eid night. Of course, apricots can be relatively dried so that they feel a little soft when chewed.


Another delicious fruit that many people dry for later seasons is peaches. The best ideal temperature for drying this fruit is 65 degrees Celsius in the first two hours and 55 degrees in the next 8 to 12 hours.


Apple is the most popular fruit for drying. Considering that apples have four seasons, it is possible to dry them in all seasons. The most ideal temperature for drying this delicious fruit is 55 degrees Celsius for 8 to 12 hours.


Maybe you have never tried dried pineapple. It is recommended to dry this fruit once and use its properties for the next seasons. This delicious fruit gives us great energy during exercise. The best temperature for drying pineapple is 50 to 60 degrees Celsius for 12 to 16 hours.

Orange and tangerine

Oranges and tangerines are fruits that are very common among people to dry them. Oranges look a little bitter after drying; But according to many people, it is this bitterness that makes them more delicious.

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