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Walnut oil is produced by a special method called cold pressing, in which raw walnuts are used and its oil is extracted. However, it is not the only method available to extract this oil. pistachio wholesale because we can also do it at home in the following way:

First, we will need 100 grams of shelled walnuts and 150 cc of extra virgin olive oil.

How to prepare:

First, we chop the peeled walnuts and put them in a container and pour olive oil on it until it is completely covered and fill the container and let these ingredients stay for five days. We can stir it several times a day.

After five days, we use a cloth to separate the walnuts from the oil, we must throw away the walnuts and keep the oil. The oil is infused with walnut properties.

We can do this procedure several times before finishing the preparation, that is, if we wish, daily we strain the oil and add new chopped walnuts.

If you want to learn more about the properties of walnut oil, we suggest you read the article on the health benefits of walnut oil

Uses of the dry skin inside the walnut

1. Control of sugar and diabetes

Using infused walnut kernels is an effective way to control diabetes and blood sugar. Doctors advise people who want to avoid diabetes to make the most of walnuts. According to traditional medicine, walnut fruit has many properties to maintain human health, and one of its best properties is regulating blood sugar.

It should be mentioned that the dry shells inside the walnut, which are on the sides of the walnut kernel, are one of the valuable resources to prevent the increase in blood sugar, but unfortunately, most people throw it away as waste. Studies show that brewing these dry skins also helps a lot in reducing blood sugar in people with diabetes or people who are at risk of developing diabetes.

2. Removing dental plaque

To remove plaque and dental plaque and to prevent bleeding gums, we remove some hard skins from the middle of the walnut and put them in water until it boils for about 20 minutes. After the water cools, we pass it through a strainer. The remaining water is the magic solution.

Know the health benefits of dried fruit

Then we brush our teeth with this water three times a day. If we do this for two weeks, we can easily get rid of dental plaque and tartar. In addition, if we are faced with the problem of bleeding gums, with the help of this method, we can prevent the bleeding of the gums because it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

How to store walnuts

As you know, autumn is the season for harvesting walnuts, and after picking, we have to remove the green skin from it; Because after a short period of time, the skin of the walnut will burn and the core of the walnut will burn. If you want to learn how to store walnuts, we suggest you read how to store walnuts.

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