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Pistachio is one of the most pistachio wholesale delicious, nutritious and popular nuts. Which is available all year round in dry form and can be used. Raw and fresh pistachios have moisture that the same moisture in it causes it to mold and spoil very quickly. To preserve fresh pistachios for a long time, it must be dried. There are several ways to dry fresh pistachios, which we will discuss below.

Methods of drying fresh pistachios

1- Drying by sunlight

First you need to remove the soft skin from the fresh pistachios. It is important to note that you should never use pistachios with black skin. Because pistachios whose green skin has turned black produce a dangerous toxin called aflatoxin.

How to remove green skin

To dry fresh pistachios, the first step, which is important and time consuming, is to peel the green skin of fresh pistachios. This step is relatively difficult to do by hand, especially if the amount of pistachios is large. In the following, we recommend a method that you can peel pistachios faster and with less difficulty and hassle.

Separating pistachio branches

This step is often not done because usually fresh pistachios sold in stores do not have a branch, but this stage includes pistachios that have extra branches and these branches should be able to cause problems in later stages. At this stage, they are separated from the pistachios.

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