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Akbari pistachio export to Kazakhstan

What you read in this article...

Exporting high quality Iranian pistachios

How to directly buy first grade pistachios

Daily price of pistachios for export to Kazakhstan

Iranian Akbari pistachios, along with Ahmad Aghaei, Kale Ghochi and Badami pistachios, are suitable options for pistachio exports to Kazakhstan. pistachio wholesale

Of course, the noteworthy point here is that a large volume of export of these products is not related to natural smiling pistachios, and Class B pistachios are often used to export pistachios to Kazakhstan.

This type of pistachio is a combination of natural smiling pistachios and mechanical smiling pistachios, which are combined with each other with a certain percentage. Usually, this specific percentage is determined by the businessmen of Kazakhstan.

Although this method lowers the quality of pistachios to some extent, it becomes very reasonable in terms of price, and as a result, it is easily exported and sold in the Kazakhstan market.

The route of sending Iran's pistachios and its products to Kazakhstan is usually carried out by rail from Mashhad to Almaty.

Exporting high quality Iranian pistachios

Exporting high quality Iranian pistachios

Iranian pistachio has unique quality and properties. This has led to the maximum export of this valuable product.

The following are the most important buyers of Iranian pistachios.

European countries

Neighbors of Iran

Eastern regions of Asia

Some countries of the American continent such as Canada

Persian Gulf states

It can be said that the most important feature of a successful export is assessing the needs of the target market. Pistachios exported to a country should be selected according to the taste of the people of that country, purchasing power and other parameters.

For example, the pistachios exported to the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf region must have a large size. Product appearance is very important for these countries. While for export to European countries, the health level of the product is taken into consideration. Pistachios with the permitted amount of aflatoxin are used for export to these countries.

The following pistachios can be used for export to Kazakhstan.

Ahmed Aghaei


ram's head


Meanwhile, Akbari pistachio is one of the best options for export to this country. This pistachio has a high price compared to other types of pistachio production. Considering this issue, it is very important to buy directly from the manufacturer. In the next part, we have shared with you, dear friends and merchants, how to buy directly.

How to directly buy first grade pistachios

How to directly buy first grade pistachios

Direct purchase of pistachios, especially direct purchase of Akbari pistachios, is very important for merchants and exporters. This important task can be done in two ways:

Preparation of pistachios in person

Buying pistachios in person

We have to spend a lot of time and money to buy in person. This has led to in-person purchases by merchants in recent years.

Daily price of pistachios for export to Kazakhstan

Daily price of pistachios for export to Kazakhstan

The daily price of pistachios is one of the most important parameters. This influential parameter is influenced by many factors.

Among the most important factors that determine the quality and price of pistachios, we have mentioned the following.

Pistachio size

Kind of pistachio

The percentage of closed mouth and closed mouth

The amount of aflatoxin

Smiling or smiling naturally

For export to Kazakhstan, pistachios are used, which are a combination of Abkhandan pistachios and natural Khandan pistachios. These pistachios have a lower price than smiling natural pistachios.

On the other hand, the volume of purchase, the amount of supply and demand, and the dollar price will also affect the final price of pistachios.

The price of pistachio is highly dependent on the dollar price due to its high export. This has caused a lot of fluctuations in the pistachio market in recent years. For this reason, it is recommended to be aware of the daily price of pistachios.

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