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Exporting high quality pistachios to Lebanon

The export of pistachios to Lebanon as a consumer country and an intermediary for re-export to the Arab countries of Egypt and Saudi Arabia is very prosperous. The most type of pistachio that is sent from Iran to Lebanon is high quality pistachio, because the merchants of this country are mostly looking to buy pistachios with low (large) pistachios. pistachio wholesale

But what is the meaning of top ram's head pistachio or how much is the most pistachio that is bought in this country??

This question will be answered below.

Exporting pistachios to Lebanon

Exporting pistachios to Lebanon

The country of Lebanon in the Middle East is considered as one of the important political and commercial partners of Iran.

This country is known as one of the importers of Iranian pistachios, which imports large shipments of this product from Iran every year.

Pistachios shipments from Iran are mostly sent to this country through waterways.

The reason for using sea routes is the more appropriate price and more security. Of course, in cases where the requested volume is not high, air routes are used to send pistachios, which of course increases the price of pistachios.

Getting to know the culture and needs of the target market in providing the best product, suitable for successful sales, is very important and vital. Arab countries and Lebanon are mostly looking for Iran's tasty and large pistachios.

The most important type of pistachio that is popular in Lebanon is the goat's head pistachio.

Exporting pistachios to Lebanon

Sheep's head pistachios are highly exported to Lebanon

As mentioned above, according to the culture of Arab countries, they often look to buy first-class pistachios with an extraordinary Iranian taste.

Considering this issue, Lebanon is the buyer of high quality pistachios from Iran.

In addition to its unique taste, the goat head pistachio has a beautiful appearance, which is classified in the category of round pistachios.

But Lebanese traders are looking for high quality pistachios in the Iranian market.

The meaning of pistachio head is a large pistachio (small pistachio) and sometimes hand-picked and tuchin.

The most desired annas for pistachio export to Lebanon are 18-20, 20-22 and 22-24 annas.

But when pistachios are hand-picked and hand-picked, it means that 100% of the pistachios have been closed and one side has been split, which is done only by human power.

Exporting pistachios to Lebanon

Buy exported ram head pistachios

Kole Ghochi pistachio is one of the most popular pistachio cultivars in Iran and is produced in different parts of Iran.

The provinces of Kerman and Khorasan are the two biggest producers of Kole Gouchi pistachios in Iran.

The price of pistachios in the pistachio processing centers and terminals of these areas is sometimes more suitable, which after the quality of the pistachios plays a very colorful role in conducting transactions.

The best and shortest way to communicate with processing centers in these areas is using the Internet.

In this way, after identifying these centers in the internet space, you can communicate with them using the available contact methods, and after obtaining the necessary information, you make a purchase.

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