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Properties of fresh pistachios

One of the most important pistachio wholesale properties of fresh pistachios is that it reduces cardiovascular disease by lowering bad cholesterol and prevents narrowing or closing of arteries. Fresh pistachios have a high nutritional value and contain a large amount of plant protein that can be substituted for meat and legumes. Pistachios are also rich in the minerals potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, useful for strengthening bones and teeth, zinc, which helps the growth of cells and tissues in the body, copper, sodium and vitamins B, E, C, A, K, thiamine, Folate and choline. This delicious and nutritious food with many substances such as carbohydrates, dietary fiber, antioxidants, amino acids and healthy fats provides many needs of the body and is useful for the general health of the body, weight control, eye health, diabetes and.. In fact, the fiber in pistachios can improve the digestive process, prevent constipation and excrete waste products by improving intestinal function. The presence of antioxidants in fresh pistachios also prevents vision problems.

Properties of raw pistachios + benefits, nature and properties of fresh pistachio skin in traditional medicine

Nutritional value of pistachios

The following sources are available in 100 grams of pistachio kernels:

Fatty substances 54 grams

Phosphorus 500 mg

Calcium 130 mg

Iron 7.5 mg

15 grams of starch

2.5 grams of water

20 grams of protein

Potassium 950 mg

Vitamin A 230 units

Vitamin B1 7 mg

Vitamin B3 1.5 mg

Properties of fresh pistachios in traditional medicine

The nature of pistachio is warm and dry, and its properties in traditional medicine include strengthening the stomach, treating diarrhea, strengthening the nerves and calming the heart, increasing memory and strengthening the mind, preventing cancer, opening the liver ducts and relieving cough. To remove the heat and dryness of pistachios, you can use vinegar, sour pomegranate or apricot leaves.

Properties of fresh pistachios for pregnancy and fetus

Protein is one of the essential substances for pregnancy that helps the growth of muscle and tissue of the fetus, and therefore fresh pistachios are also useful for pregnancy with a large amount of protein. As mentioned, fresh pistachios reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol in the blood, so it is effective in controlling the level of fat in pregnancy. Since some pregnant women may suffer from constipation, pistachios can prevent constipation due to their high fiber content. Also, the presence of vitamins A and E in pistachios helps to improve and prevent infectious problems.

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